LSP Plugins 1.1.26 released!

New version of LSP Plugins 1.1.26 available!

  • Implemented Crossover Plugin series.
  • Fixed phase mismatch between channels in the oversampling mode of limiter (contributed by Hector Martin).
  • Fixed bug in convolver module which could perform improper tail convolution (reported by Robin Gareus). Affected plugins: Impulse Responses, Impulse Reverb, Room Builder.
  • Fixed small memory leakage in multiband plugins (Compressor, Gate, Expander) related to usage of Inline Display feature.
  • Added support of pg:mainInput and pg:mainOutput LV2 properties in TTL files for all plugins.
  • Updated all C++ heades and source files to match the LGPL3+ license headers.

The video with demonstration, as usual, is available on YouTube:


The LSP plugins are now the first things I reach for. Thanks so much for these SadKo!

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