LSP Plugins 1.1.24 released!

New release of LSP Plugins is available with the following changes:

  • Implemented Loudness Compensator plugin series (Mono and Stereo).
  • Implemented Surge Filter plugin series (Mono and Stereo) for protecting audio chain from possible pops on playback start/stop events.
  • Significant changes the Limiter Plugin series, may be partially incompatible with hosts/wrappers:
    • Removed ‘Classic’ and ‘Mixed’ modes since these modes do not give effective results.
    • Introduced Automatic Level Regulation (ALR) feature enabled by default.
  • Added possibility to dump internal state of plugin to file.
  • Several plugins now support dumping of internal state.
  • Added support of loading Hydrogen drumkits by the Multisampler plugin series.
  • Added ‘Squared Cosine’ and ‘Cubic Hermite Spline’ windows to Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Fixed bug that caused Spectrum Analyzer to ignore window selection.
  • Fixed bug in AVX-optimized sidechaining funcion that could cause invalid behaviour of plugins that use external/internal sidechain for processing.
  • Implemented back-buffering of the window surface, all UI controls now don’t glitch on edit.
  • Refactored and simplified LV2 parameter transport between UI and plugin code.
  • VST plugins now provide possibility to save and load presets and do not crash Host.
  • Added support of lv2:StateChanged extension which properly works with Ardour 6.0.145 and higher.
  • Fixed improper behaviour of VST controls under REAPER host (and possible other VST hosts).
  • Updated metadata for dynamic processors to better match the UI.
  • Now all lv2:Atom ports that do not provide MIDI message transfer are marked as lv2:connectionOptional.
  • Exported plugin configuration now contains information about original package version.

The demo video: