LSP Plugins 1.1.17 - set of fixes

This release solves some additional problems found since 1.1.14 and 1.1.15 release.
The full list of changes:

  • Desktop integration icons are now more properly following the XDG standard.
  • Fixed Lanczos resampling kernel formula for oversampling operations.
  • Fixed improper display of units in the UI.
  • Added French translation of the UI (contributed by Olivier Humbert).
  • Added Italian translation of the UI (contributed by Stefano Tronci).
  • Fixed non-working right sidechain channel for stereo version of
    Compressor, Dynamic Processor, Expander and Gate plugins.
  • Added WM_NAME, WM_CLASS and WM_WINDOW_NAME support for the X11 protocol.

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