LSP Plugins 1.1.1 released!

LSP Plugins release 1.1.1 available. Some bugs related to the new UI were fixed.

Also some improvements of already existing plugins were done. Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Plugins have been tested under QTractor 0.9.5 and it seems that they are working well.
  • Fixed UI resize issue in Carla host.
  • Fixed UI redraw issue that didn't show widgets for several cases.
  • Optimized spectrum analysis modules by changing code so it now uses more cache-friendly FFT routines.
  • Added graph amplitude scaling to Graphic and Parametric equalizers.
  • Added graph amplitude scaling to Spectrum Analyzer plugin.
  • Fixed possible memory corruption while redrawing the inline display image of parametric equalizer.
  • Fixed possible memory corruption in the Dynamic Processor plugin.
  • Fixed latency report for equalizer plugins.
  • Updated wrapper to make plugins properly supported by Bitwig Studio that doesn't know anything about kVstParameterUsesIntStep and kVstParameterUsesIntegerMinMax flags.
  • Refactored event handling mechanism for widgets: added 'sender' parameter to indicate the widget that initiated slot execution.
  • UI now stores last used path when loading samples, impulse response files and configuration files in the global configuration file.
  • Fixed problem with UI update in cases when window size does not change. Now works properly.
  • Added Mid/Side adjustment knobs for Mid/Side versions of equalizer plugins.
  • Reorganized core modules into more comfortable source code tree.
  • Added support of UI:updateRate parameter reported by the LV2 host to the UI.
  • Added multiple-channel (up to 8 channels) audio file support to Impulse Reverb plugin.
  • Updated documentation related to the Limiter plugin.
  • Added possibility to equalize the processed signal in convolution plugins.
  • JACK version of plugins now automatically handles JACK startup/shutdown and does not require to restart plugin.

I’ll have to install these and check them out.

I’m not certain I’ve found the binaries though.

@Ricardus, here they are:


Great work! Very useful plugins, I greatly appreciate the Dealy Compensator, it saved a double mic take of mine with a heavily distorted guitar. Cheers!