LSP Plugin Installation

I have downloaded and installed the LSP plugins. Pointed the plugin manager to the folder. It seems to locate them in the scan but they are still not available in the manager. Any ideas? Managed to install Protoverb previously with no problems.

Which format did you use? Does the architecture match (32 vs 64bit)?
The LSP-plugins come in various variants. For Ardour we recommend to prefer LV2.

  • LV2: extract to $HOME/.lv2/ (or any place listed in the LV2 FHS. Then restart Ardour to pick them up (scan happens automatically and unconditionally at application start). Note that they should be in $HOME/.lv2/lsp-plugins.lv2 or /usr/lib/lv2/lsp-plugin.lv2 - don’t use additional subfolders)

  • Linux VST (aka lxvst) extract them anywhere you like ($HOME/.vst/ is common) then point Ardour to the folder (and re-scan in Preferences > Plugin)

PS. to troubleshoot LV2 plugin installation you can check lv2ls | grep lsp in a terminal (lv2ls lists all identifiers of installed LV2 plugins)