LSP Artistic Delay and Ardour Startup

Just compiling,but I will do testing tomorrow.

Just tried 1.2.16 / 1.0.19 and I didn’t get the noise again :). Seems to work fine for me. Thank you!

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You can compress it into archive and put on some file share like google drive for download.


@SadKo have you been able to reproduce the noise on Ardour launch?

Yes, I’ve just tested your session.
Just loading session didn’t take any effect. I was required to switch between sessions in Ardour.
I’ve tested both cases before patch and after patch.
I was able to reproduce the problem with the code before patch was applied.
After the patch has been applied, I don’t see and don’t hear any artifacts.

Very good. Thank you so much @SadKo for the outstanding, amazing plugins, all the tutorial videos, and incredible ongoing support.