Low input volume from M-audio USB interface.

Today I purchased an M-audio mobilepre USB interface for my computer. When I hooked it up to my system I was amazed to find that it worked with no problems. (my system recognized it) However, after setting up jack the best I could(I’m quite a newbie) and opening ardour I noticed that the input volume of my guitar was incredibly low. On try to record I couldn’t even see anything being recorded. I then turned the gain up all the way on my interface to find that it helped, but the recording was still inaudible. I know this isn’t much information to go off of but I’m not even sure what else to present.
ANY help is greatly appreciated.

you probably tried plugging a guitar straight into the front combo jack without switching it over to a DI mode for guitar’s extremely low output…

How exactly do I change that? Is it in ardour? I don’t see anything to do that on the interface.