Love Letters During Winter

Hello Ardour Community! I recently wrapped up a project I’d been working on since about last winter. This was my first major project, and while it isn’t the most well-mixed or well-performed thing floating around this community I’m still proud of it :slight_smile:. All songs written, performed/recorded, and mixed by me in Ardour 5 running on AV Linux 2018.

Feedback is appreciated! I can only hope to get better as time goes on, and I value the input of seasoned pros like yourselves!

Thanks to Paul and the Ardour team for putting together this wonderful piece of software.

Link is here:

Hi again nick! I’ve just listen to your songs, I think Early Morning and Neighbors are my favourites. So first thing I would play some more around with is vocals eq, a nice old highpass right up to 300hz for starters and then tweak accordingly to the context of the rest of the instruments. Vocals should be re-recorded more in tune in general with special attention to “passing notes”, but in Early Morning and Neighbors I think it’s worth trying the AT1 autotune and maybe they can stay as they are : )
One thing I feel I’m missing in Neighbors is a bass, are you planning on adding it sometime?
And how did you make your drums? are those hydrogen samples?

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely think vocal EQing is an area I need the most improvement with. There is some bass in Neighbors but I think it could be brought up more than it is - kind of gets buried under everything else! I sort of intentionally wanted the general sound to be sparse, but I think I may have gone a bit overboard on that.

Ah yes, those are Hydrogen samples there - that’s probably my favorite drum machine out there right now :smile:.

Thanks again for the input - I appreciate it! Like the old saying goes, “iron sharpens iron”!

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