Loudness - what recommend for playbacks

Hello i sing my live show as DJ. Make the complete song with ardour and export it without the main voice to sing it live.

The challenge is, to have for all songs the suitable loundness. At the moment i mix every song complete with the main voice with the help of Ardours Loudness Analyser to integrated loudness of 23LUFS, and before i export it, i mute the main voice. Is the integretes loudness the right vaule for me or do you think, that other parameters (e.g. max short loundness) more suitable.

I have Songs where i “work” with the audience - so e.g. at the beginning is 3-4 sec full Playback and then e.g. 10sec pause and then the song starts normal. But that’s one file.

My live microphone has of course always the same level with a compressor on the channel. And i play the playback of the song (i exportet without the main voice) from an usb stick plugged in my soundcraft UI16 digital mixer.

Every song (playback) should have the right level according to my microphone.

Sounds like a solid approach to me!

To me, too. All tracks having the same integrated loudness should be the best approach.

This said, I would expect potential problems especially depending on your compressor settings. If you compress hard and set it up to sit right in the Mix in the louder parts, it might just be way too much in quieter parts. But that depends of course on your style of music and singing and how you handle the microphone.

So… I’m a live sound engineer and in my experience, people mostly complain if they can’t listen to the vocals. So when in doubt have the vocals loud and proud upfront. Trust your ears on that.

If you think you need different settings for eg quiet/intimate and loud, you might want to consider setting up a channel for each scenario and switch your mic between two inputs via something like the Palmer ABO. (You could also use two mics, of course)

Thanks for your feedback

I have my compressor set as in pop music normal.

The quiet things in my tracks are normal a complete pause where I moderate or make fun with the guests. To hold them to the dancefloor or whatever. Like a small piece in a musical. So my goal is, that my live voice has nearly the same loudness.

Thanks for your Tipps.
Party DJ Stefan

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