lost some key bindings

I’m new to ardour and daw. my son and i did something to cause some of the keyboard commands not to work. “s” won’t split at the pointer now. if i log on as root and run ardour it still works. and i know it was as my user before. anybody know what have we done?I’m sure it’s something simple.

which version of ardour? if its 0.99, the fix is to use ardour2.
if its ardour2, then lets talk some more, starting with which version of ardour2.

it’s 0.99.3 that came on 64studio download. I’ve been having trouble getting repositories set up . they say stuff about signatures and keys. how and where do I get version 2? also i got original problem fixed by renaming ardour.rc in my home directory ardour.rc.old and it replaced the file with a new one with the default settings. this was per the advice of a linux whiz friend. another thing i encountered last night is when i made a new user for my son jack wont run in his user. i’m sure there’s lots to read about this but i haven’t gotten to it yet. all in all these are minor problems and we’re using it fairly easily.

The problem with the keys stopping working is related to the graphical toolkit Ardour 0.99.x uses to provide a graphical user interface and receive key and mouse events. Sometimes pressing turning numlock on and off helps clear the issue.

2.0 is not released yet, but is right around the corner. In the meanwhile the first release candidate version is available on http://ardour.org/source_downloads and instructions on how to build it are available at http://ardour.org/building . Building software from source is not for everybody though. Ready built packages will be available in all major distributions when 2.0 is released.