Lost my session

I’m desperate ! I have just finished a 30 mn radio program and Ardour version 6.9.0 bugged, When I restarted it, no possibility to get the work I was on.
I have a last week saved session, but made 2 days of work since.
The error message says (translated from french)
Session “/home/tastybud/Donnees/1 CREATION/ARDOUR CREATION/amusa_boca (cliché amusa_boca)” did not charge correctly. Impossible to initialize the session_engine : session state corrupt.
—ERROR: Impossible to define the state of session from XML
ERROR: Session : impossible to create reading list from XML description.
ERROR: reading list : can’t create a region from XML n
ERROR: Session : XMLNode describing AudioRegion refer to an unknown source id =1092832

Any idea ? I tried the bak file but did the same. what’s about history ?
Thx a lot !!

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Oh dear, that is appalling.

Have you perhaps used Session > Cleanup > … in Ardour 6?

If so, the good news is that the session can be recovered.

Please upload the .ardour session file to some place (google-drive, pastebin.com, …) and I’ll see if I can fix it.

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No, did not use the clean-up tool…
Here’s the file, you can upload here (DropChaprilOrg)

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OK, looks something went wrong with Region Compounds.

I’ll investigate later but first: here is a fixed session: http://robin.linuxaudio.org/tmp/amusa_boca.ardour

The problem was the Jingle Track (which is now empty). There was only a region “jingle_C1T_22_23” (at 49 seconds into the session). The region references a source which is no longer available. – I hope you can reconstruct it if needed.

PS. If you have already downloaded the file, get it again. I accidentally uploaded the broken version at first.

Summary looks like:


Hum ! Thx a lot, you saved my night :slight_smile:
For the jingle region, no pb I’ve got it saved elsewhere.
As a matter of fact, I had done some deleting of old jingles at one moment, and certainly I deleted the one which was in use… that’s when it bugged.

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Well, I am either directly or indirectly responsible that Arodur manages to break sessions in the first place. This should not have happened, so I’m glad it worked out for you.


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