Lost my panoramics from A2 to A3

Hi !

So all my tracks/busses panoramics are reset to center when i import A2 songs in A2.

I can set them again manually, but i also use pans in busses, and here’s my big problem, A3 busses pans seems to be only allowed linked, i can’t put it on the left or right, it’s only centered.

The release notes for Ardour 3 pointed out that (a) it is advisable to not work on A2 sessions in A3 and that (b) specifically, if you do, you will lose panning information. Ardour2 will continue to be available and should generally be used for working on existing A2 sessions.

As for A3 panners: http://www.manual.ardour.org/mixing/panning/

Ok, didn’t know the pan has to be reduced before being centered.

Thanks for your answer.