Lost Mixer data in a session

Hi everyone,
I was about to finish my first real project w/ Ardour, but after saving, when reloading the session I wasn’t able to hear anything. So I gave a look to the session file and I found out that every info about the mixer (plugins, panning and anything except gain) was lost. Now everything I’m able to see is a dead mixer, and I’m afraid this could be related to jack, as it disconnected from Ardour a pair of times (even though I’ve always saved with Jack plugged in).
Now everything I want is just to have my mixer back to work, as I can’t see gain and panning indicators, I’ve restored outputs through .ardour file.
Thanks for any help/suggestion.

I need to chime in here as well. I’ve had two complete projects lose Mixer information except gain automation. Jack crashed at the same time I had this project open. There are no plugins, sends, Pans, inputs or outputs showing anywhere. I really don’t want to attempt to rebuild this. It looks like all the information is present in the ardour and ardour.bak files, but something isn’t reading it.

I know this is the Linux section; I’m on a G5 running OSX 10.4.9. It doesn’t seem to be platform related.