Lost Horizon (symphonic poem)

Hi all,

after “The Wind and the Lake”, I tried to write another late-romantic symphonic poem:

It’s inspired by one of my favourite novels, James Hilton’s “Lost Horizon”, and is dedicated to Lennie Moore, who some of you may know for authoring the Outcast videogame soundtrack, which has been a huge influence on me musically (and on this track in particular).

As last time, Ardour was used to render the score I wrote using MuseScore, even though it was Ardour 6 this time: it was my first attempt to use Ardour 6 seriously since I upgraded my machine, and so far so good :smile: . The excellent VPO template by Michael Willis was used as a basis once more for the virtual orchestration. If you want to learn more about the whole process, I wrote a long description in a thread on LinuxMusicians:

Hope you’ll enjoy it!