Lost data in crash! Help!

Hi, I was mixing some audio on Ardour 99.2 (Mac OS 10.3.9 on a G5) with several plugins, and everything was going great for several days. I finally was finished, so I attempted an export to a file. Ardour went haywire at this point, often freezing in the middle of an export, and even when it did work, the file that was exported contained no audio (though it was pretty big, around 30-50M).

When I opened up my session again after many exporting experiments (trying different file types, different endianess, etc.), all the plugins were gone! I had used a fairly large amount, and had done a fairly decent amount of automation. The automation files are still around, it seems (based on what I see in the directories for my session), but I don’t know how to get Ardour to “see” them after I try and remember all the plugins I used and which tracks I placed them on.

Additionally, I can’t seem to get anywhere using 99.3 with this session (I tried an upgrade hoping maybe that would help). Everytime I hit play, I get a message saying “The disk system on your computer was not able to keep up with Ardour”, though like I said, it was working without even a hiccup for many days.

Any idea on how I can regain my plugin automations and how I can even play the session? I love Ardour in concept, but this is maddening!

I should mention I save like crazy, every single change I made, I saved afterward. Don’t know if that makes a difference now…

ardour attempts to make a backup version of the session file. if the session was in a folder called MySession, the session file would be called MySession.ardour, and the backup would be MySession.ardour.bak. If this file exists, copy it before using renaming it to MySession.ardour and then try starting up ardour again.

Everything running without any hiccups is great. I had a the same problem with Ardour; exporting stuff led to a major crash - only the power led was alive on my computer. Eventually doing anything on my computer was causing the same disaster.

I finally discovered that the source of problems was a broken RAM memory card. Recent MACs have similar memory chips to PCs aka. DDR, though slightly modified to make sure of incompatibility with regular PC -motherboards. I know, I’ve tried…
My computer had 2x512 Mb RAM memory and the second, later added card was broken. Replacing it fixed the problem.

As to your question: sorry, if the .bak -file doesn’t contain your data … you’ve lost it 2&>/dev/null = “byte heaven”.

Even Macs are PCs nowadays, blame it in Jobs.

saving file frequently is a one solution.I think so next version of Ardour will have solution for this problem.It will very simple in next.Ardour will relese ASAP.

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