lost all my plugins and preset

I was working for a long time on a project then it crashed.
When I reopened the session ardour wasn’t able to find the LADSPAs that I used (quite many…) .
Ardour message when opening: "too many panner states found in …/voi-pan-Audio 1.automation, …/voi-pan-Audio 2.automation, and so on for the other tracks.
I tried to use the session .bak but didn’t work too.
I made lots of saving but maybe just too many because I must have saved the session without the LADSPAs.
However opening the session as text there are still the automations and redirections of the LADSPAs.
If I can’t recover the LADSPA connections, at least can I “clean” the session from its former LADSPAs and try again from the beginning (without losing my tracks cut and split and so on!)???
I’d like avoiding to do the same mistake again.
It seems like the more LADSPA I use, the more chances I have to encounter this problem (it happens many times before but I managed to recover the .bak;)
Any idea???
Thanks for trying :wink:

Still, ardour is great (I mean it)