lost all audio somehow. or something. ugh.

hey. i was working in an OS X ardour session. lots of automation, all kinds of goofy stuff. anyway, ardour crashed. normally that’s not the biggest deal. but, i hadn’t had a chance to save after my last few tweaks. on restart, i’m presented with a dialog box stating that there was no click track. anyway, now there doesn’t seem to be any audio when i try to listen to the session. very sucky. if i try to audition each recorded region, i can hear each individual recording just fine. is there any way to repair the ardour session file manually and restore the ‘click track’? i’ve got seven tracks riding on it. please, any suggestions would help! thanks.

ended up reconstructing the session from the individual regions. crappy. oh well.

You should take these sort of issues to the mailing list.