Losing the first note on a midi region


Think I had this problem way back, but after spending hours trying to solve it this morning, thought I would just ask you guys.
Does not matter how I input the midi note, draw/midi synth/copy/paste… The first note(s) always disappear from the region. If I extend the region half a bar or so back, the note reappears. If I loop from the beginning of the bar where the first note is, it does not play. If I shrink the region back to the bar (snap/bar) it disappears again. Have placed the note manually using snap, quantized, but the moment it goes to the beginning of the region is disappears and does not play.

Have tried splitting a region (snap/bar) and dragging the part to the start, first note disappears again… Tried starting from bar 9, same result. I know this is going to be something simple but I just cant work out what it is that is causing this…
any ideas?

Has happened to me many times. Don’t remember what I did to get around this, but looks somehow I got. Next time it will happen I (hope I) I will report it here …

I experience that too. I usually then use the Alt-key to enlarge the MIDI-region a tick to the left so that the note appears.
But agreed, not a pro solution.

It is a known and understood issue that has been reported many times (search the forum and bug tracker) and is so far present in all versions of Ardour.

In short: This is caused by rounding (music-time bar|beat to audio sample-clock time), and nudging the MIDI region a sample backwards can work around the issue.

Ardour 7 will address this issue.


Hey Robin (and Robert)…

Thank you…! Had convinced myself I had done something to cause this, now that I know I didnt, I can try and work around it.
Still have this elusive and nagging memory that I did something way back to fix it, ver 7 will probably come out by the time I remember it…

@fasteddy13 - I remember reading a semi workaround over on the Mixbus forums - Inconsistent midi at region starts

FYI, the V6 workaround that’s doing it for me is: drag the region start so the note is visible, use the start note quantise function (ALT+5), snap the region start back again.

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