Losing Synths Patches

I’m having a weird problem. I have several MIDI tracks to which I’ve added LV2 synths (mostly ZynAddSubFX, but the same happens to others, like Yoshimi). I’ve made several patches for the tracks, saved and quit as normal. (No crashes.) When I started Ardour again, some of the patches were lost, but not all.

I’ve redone the lost patches, saved, quit and restarted again. All that were lost before were lost again, and the ones who were not lost were still fine.

I’ve noticed some patches were just changed, while in some they just fell to default empty ZynAddSubFX session (as when you first add the plugin).

I check and there were no patch changes in the MIDI tracks, and I removed all automation. (Most MIDI tracks were downloaded, and I just edited them, so they had automation, and maybe other stuff I did not do.) But the problem remained.

I then looked at the “Patch Selector” dialog, comparing some tracks. A track that had the synth saved just showed patch 1, while one that changed, showed patch 9. I set it to patch 1, chose the preset in Zyn, saved, quit, restarted.

When I reopened, both tracks, the one that had a saved patch and the one I was trying to fix, had lost the patches.

I suspect that there might be some MIDI data somewhere making patch changes, but I cannot see it in Ardour. (No automation, and no squares showing patch changes…)

I must say I trimmed the MIDI tracks. If there were a patch change in the track before I trimmed them, would it still affect the track? I stretched the trimmed track back to full size, but I still could not see any patch changes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

OK, I’ve copied a MIDI track (from the regions tab) that was giving me trouble to a new MIDI Ardour track. (The original, untrimmed MIDI track.) I added Zyn, chose a patch and saved it. I edited the patch for the original MIDI track (that was giving me trouble, and which had lost the patch yet again) and selected the same patch as the new track. Saved, quit, restarted. The new track was fine, the old lost the patch again.

So I suppose the problem is not with the MIDI track…