loops don't match in length.

So, I have used Sony Acid for years. I find Ardour to be a superior app for many reasons, not the least of which that is comes from the open source community.

Whenever I drop loops into Acid, tey were always the same length, usually two measures. They all matced up and by length.

When I drop the same loops into Ardour, they are many differing lengths. They do not match up the way they do in Acid.

With no other knowledge to work around this, I am left with finding loops that are the saem length.

Is there a fix for this?

The format of the loop files used by Acid is proprietary (REX, and others). There hae been some attempts to reverse engineer it. Ardour does not attempt to parse the loop data and will never timestretch automatically.

Ok… and I noticed the same problem with “Reaper”, but, if I am not mistaken, cbase, cakewlk, pro-tools, etc all use the same loops interchangably, or so I thought. So, what is the solution, use loops only created for Ardour? Any other work-arounds?

Ardour doesn’t do anything with any kind of “loop” data. Even if there was a format that we could read, the program would not (currently) do anything at all with the contents.

Proprietary app developers paid for a license to handle REX and other loop-file formats.

Ok… good information to know… how are y’all synching your loops? Where are these length-matched loops coming from?

Nevermind, I figured it out. Put it in snap mode then use the stretch tool to make them the saem lengths… thanks anyway…