Loop recording?

this seems to be possible, but i can’t figure it out. i can play a loop, but when i hit record it runs past the loop boundary. i assume it has to do with setting punch in/out boundaries to coincide with the loop boundaries, but i’m having trouble with that.

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we don’t support loop recording at this time. sorry. its been on our to-do list for a very long time.


Is loop recording still on the list? It sure would be handy. If that’s a big task, then adding the “toggle record”, “punch in”, and “punch out” buttons to the large transport controls would make possible to use a bluetooth mouse to operate Ardour while at my drumset.

I suspect that Mixbus (version 6, if it matters) is in the same situation.


You are commenting on a 14 year old thread. Generally not the best idea.

A version of loop recording is already implemented and works.

You can get touchOSC on a smartphone and have full access to most mixer and transport controls via OSC. The manual has more details under “Control Surfaces”.

Is loop recording new in version 6? I’m assuming that you set your loop points, arm for recording, press play and the recordings will stack on top of each other. Sorry, I don’t see anything in the manual yet regarding this.

No it isn’t. I think it has been available since Ardour 3.0; I am unsure about the precise version but it’s been around for since many years already.

You assume correctly.

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