Loop Recording / Re-arranging track (section)

I was checking out ardour. I couldn’t find these features while searching the manual, thought I’d share.

  1. Arranger sections - it’s basically like marker, except it allows you to arrange the whole song and easily move, duplicate, modify songs per section.
    Found in most major daws, but I like Cakewalk’s version

Unlike most of them, it allows you to save different versions of your song arrangement.

  1. Live loop recording
    Not many Daw’s have these, except for zenbeats. It basically allows you to record and create new loops on the fly easily during a live performance.
  1. Ardour is an awesome daw! You should have marketed it is as a DAW that you could truly own.

Most major DAW’s except Reaper isn’t considered a true ownership. You see, once the company dies, you immediately lose access to it, because activation is online. This is especially true if you want to reinstall it in the future to open old songs you’ve made. I mean, even if you’d stop using a DAW, you’ll still want to be able to still open the old songs you’ve made.

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Exactly. I boutght many products from E-mu Systems. Now I use Open Source

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