loop range selection doesnt work (at least as before) anymore


i can’t make a time range selection for playing a loop anymore.
i was used to click and drag on the loop/bounce line to create it but it doesn’t work (since i’ve uprgraded to 2.7 i guess).

is there a new way for doing so or it is my 64studio version of ardour that is bugged?

humm… i guess i had to post my request to find the answer by myself…
so for users confronted with the same issue:

loop range selection does have change.
now you have to:

-switch to (i dont now hom to name in english)“selection tool” (upper left, arrows icon right from the hand one)
-click and drag your time selection directly in a track (the master would be a good choice).

its as easy as before, you just have to know how.

by the way, thanks a lot to the devlopers for providing us with that very good and free sequencer, i’ll donate as soon as my music pays…

It’s even simpler…

From the 2.7 release notes:

Unmodified clicking in canvas rulers now sets playhead position, similar to existing behaviour in the “real” rulers. Use Ctrl- (Linux) or Command (OS X)-click/drag for new markers/ranges.