Loop/punch region doesn't follow the tempo

Hello everybody!
Is this a bug (?) or just I don’t know some mode of Ardour: when I change the session tempo - the loop/punch boundaries don’t follow the grid.

Locations/Ranges in general are not glued to the musical grid. Some of them can be. Not sure about loop/punch ranges. Probably should be an option for them, at least.

I think loop points are probably defined at a specific time, not a specific beat, so if you change the tempo the loop point is going to stay where it was previously in absolute time, not in musical beat/measure location.

Loop & punch ranges can be glued to Bar/Beats (it’s in the context-menu of the marker)

Thanks men for answerS!

@x42 “Glue to Bars and Beats” option in context menu gives me what I need. Thank you!