Loop playback with Hydrogen

Is it possible to loop a bar in Ardour while Ardour and Hydrogen are both set to jack transport? When I set my loop region and press the loop playback button the selected loop area flashes green for a second and then it continues to play past the selected loop area. If I disconnect Hydrogen from jack transport Ardour loops properly as it does when not set to jack transport.


I think this is a bug and has been for a long time whether it’s Hydrogen or Ardour’s fault I can’t remember, I haven’t worked with trying to loop Ardour and Hydrogen for a while but I do know that if you want to use Ardour and Hydrogen together they work much better if you disable ‘Ardour is JACK Time Master’ under the ‘Timecode’ tab found in ‘Session–>Properties’. I don’t think this will necessarily fix the looping issue but it may be worth a try…

I guess it would probably be a Hydrogen problem since it works right when Hydrogen is disconnected.