Loop playback button disabled, why?

the “Loop playback” button in the Transport Menu section of my Ardour 6.9 installation is disabled and produces no action when I click on it.
Does somebody know the reason?

Thanks in advance!

Have you set a loop range?

If you have a loop-range (select a range, right-click → loop range), and it’s still insensitive,…
Are you using JACK transport (which cannot loop)?

Hi, I have question about loop too, every time I stop on transport, the active loop quite. I want the loop to be active so long tills I turn it off.

Preferences > Transport > Play loop is a transport mode

Also next time please make a seperate thread for this as it is unrelated to the OP’s question. Thanks


I will say only Tanks a lot.


thank you for your hints: indeed I hadn’t set a loop range.
After I did it, the “Loop playback” button can be activated and works properly.


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