Loop drums while recording

Hi, I exported as a midi file a drum loop from Hydrogen, and imported it into an Ardour track.

I would play the drum track in loop while I recording my bass guitar on the other.

Cna I accomplish this?

Thank you!

The simple answer is that you can’t.

The more complex answer is to use the Region > Duplicate operation to replicate the drum loop along the timeline.

Current versions of Ardour do not have the ability to “play a loop” while simultaneously moving (playing/recording) along the timeline.

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Thank you so much for your kindly assitance.

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you want to accomplish, but this looks a lot with something I do very often.

I create some drum track with Hydrogen, export it to wav files and import them into Ardour. Then I create a new track for the bass guitar, add some effects, set it to record and press the loop button instead of play button. Ardour then plays the drum track and records my bass over and over creating multiple layers. Once I’m done playing, I can select which parts sounded best (or I made fewer mistakes) just by dragging the start or end of each region.

You may need to set the bass track to monitor input to hear yourself playing. It is also useful to set the track to display the layers as stack instead of overlay

Can’t you loop it in hydrogen and redirect its outputs to an ardour stereo bus ?

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I think this is the best solution.

By Jack I can wire Hydrogen to a track and record it while I record the bass guitar on another track.

Yes, you can either record it into a track if you need to replay it along with your recorded bass, or simply monitor it (hydrogen output ports plugged to your interface outputs or to an ardour bus inputs if you want to add effects, in the case you don’t need to record the looped drum sequence. You can also set the transport master to jack (not ardour internal) and hydrogen will play when you hit the play button in ardour (haven’t done that for a long time but I think that’s how it used to work).

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