Looking into exporting to mp3?

I am a Dj and I was hoping to use this program to be able to cut my DJ sets into even smaller sets from average of 1 Hour and 30 Minutes to 10-15 minutes. Does this program not support mp3 exporting? or how can I add it?

It does not export to MP3, but you can convert to MP3 using your choice of software after you export to WAV for instance.


Thats just doing double the work. Guess ill just use it for this month and then try another program to be able to split my sets.

You can export audio from ardour in mp3 format by doing this:

  • Install lame
  • Open The Export window in Ardour and edit your export preset.
  • At the bottom of the export preset edit window these is a box that says: “Command to run after post-export”.
  • To the post - export command write this: lame -b 192 -ms --quiet %f

Done :slight_smile: Now when you export using this preset it first exports in the format you chose in the preset and then creates an additional mp3 version of the exported file.

Adjust lame options to your liking :slight_smile:

We are waiting for someone to add MP3 support to libsndfile, which is now entirely legal (it was not until a few months ago). Once this is added, MP3 support will be as seamless as WAV, AIFF, OGG and the rest.

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Until MP3 can be added to libsndfile, I am using this tip from mhartzel: lame -b 192 -ms --quiet %f
Brilliant, thanks!

hello, I could explain how to do it I’m new to linux and many things I do not understand yet … to open files in mp3 from now thank you very much (sethwd) (mhartzel)


For now you need to convert from MP3 to WAV first.


On Windows I found the Lame MP3 converter that came with Audacity and pointed to that instead.
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Lame For Audacity\lame.exe" -b 192 -ms --quiet %f

Since version 6.0 Ardour can directly export to mp3, no need to use lame as post-process script anymore

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