Looking forward to A3.0 on OSX

Hi all-

Just recently joined the community, I am not a super-programmer or dev type but am very much looking forward to the 3.0 version as a package for OSX.

To date I have done quite a bit of electronic composition(s) but mostly with crap software such as Garageband (ugh) because of the cost involved with higher level programs.

Very excited to learn a lot more about Ardour and it’s (seemingly) limitless potential due to the way it interconnects with everything else as far as audio on my Mac.

Any suggestions for secondary programs to use along with it (OSX only, no Linux here!)

Tried Hydrogen but I can’t seem to get it to load :slight_smile:

Just don’t expect it to work “just like that”; it beholds a steep learning curve to hook up all thing on Ardour via jack. But it can be done, and it is well worth it to accept the challenge to walk the path of free software… You’ll be rewarded with some very high quality output. And that priceless feeling of accomplishment.

Hydrogen was going to be one of my first suggestions, Jadeo is another, both are Jack Native. However on OS X pretty much any CoreAudio program can be routed through Jack as well, just won’t be able to sync, so pretty much you name it and you can probably do it, it just may take some work.


This Ardour project is just remarkable. I’m in a similar situation to dcsmith, really looking forward to the OSX release of Ardour 3.0.

I can say, jack is a small hassle, yes, but I just followed the precise directions and got things running much more easily than I expected.

I’ve just been wondering: will Jack work similar to 2.x versions on the new 3.0 or will we have to relearn all the setup processes?

Jack is completely seperate from Ardour, so upgrading Ardour does absolutely nothing to Jack really. So there shouldn’t be any change in setting up Jack no.


I subscribed when the word was that the 3.0 version was going to be available in May (I think) 2013. I keep checking back, and there seems to be no new version. And of course now OS 10.9 is out… Anyone heard any news?

blesscurse: I continue to release beta/demo versions of 3.X for OS X (the latest is 3.5.14). But so far there have not been the resources to deploy on fixing the issues that continue to make the OS X version not in what I consider to be a satisfactory “releasable” state. I hope to focus on OS X after 3.7 is released (in another month or two).

Is there any new estimate date to the release of Ardour 3 for OS X?

Not really.