Looking for stutter effect plugin

I’m looking for a good stutter effect plugin.

Can anybody help me?

There are a few around. My favourite are http://www.loomer.co.uk/sequent.htm and https://illformed.com.
There is also one in the openavproductions’ artyfx set called MASHA, it’s fairly basic but does simple stuttering which can be used in conjunction with filters or ampitchshifter etc.
These are pretty good if you automate them and use a few different ones at once http://torhelgeskei.blogspot.com/2016/04/some-plugins.html. I think bitrot has some and there is a handy slowdown plugin by infamousplugins which can be automated with all the others to get something interesting.
Apart from the two I mentioned first, linux is fairly lacking in this area compared to how advanced they can be in Windows. The trick I’ve found is just to use a lot of plugins at once and automate them a lot.

Thanks for the list - I’ll try a few of them!

And yes, Linux is way behind Windows in this area (sorry to say so) …

Glitch 2 is on sale until the end of December, I can highly recommend it.