Looking for some Text on Design/Engineering

I’m rather new to the use of any DAW and sound designing/engineering in general. I was wondering if there was any decent text that any of you know of off the top of your head that i might be able to delve in to :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help


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If you’re looking for some basic advice on how to set-up and work with studio/live equipment, this could help:
Soundcraft guide to mixing:

this covers basic topics such as: what does a mixer do and how does it work, how to set up your equipment in a live/studio environment, what type of microphone or effect-device should be applied in a certain situation…etc.

Tad off-topic, but I hope this is useful to folks.

In terms of the actual wiring, grounding concerns, and the like for building a studio, I’ve used ‘Audio System Design and Installation’ for a long time. It’s by Phillip Giddings, and published by Sams. It is an expensive book, and looks like it might be out of print. Amazon lists several used ones, in both the paperback and hardback binding. The paperback is actually more expensive, with a used copy starting at $125.00. The hardback can be had starting for $86 or so. I paid $85 I think, back in 1992 when I was trying to get the gremlins out of an AM radio station’s broadcast studio.

It is the best book I’ve found when it comes to proper grounding of audio systems. Proper termination, cabling, bundling, connector types, signal parameters (dBA, dBk, dBm, dBpw, dB PWL, dBr, dBrn, dB SPL, dBuv, dBuw, dBv (or dBu), dBV, and dBW, anyone?), rack standards (RS-310C anyone?), color codes, raceway systems, conduit fill, interconnection principles (balanced/unbalanced line types, impedance and its effects, high and low level, terminated or bridged, microphonics, speaker distribution (low impedance and high impedance (like the old 25V and 70V PA speaker connections)), etc. Jackfields and their issues, normals, connectors, etc are thoroughly covered.

On the subject of grounding and power distribution, the first 114 pages are dedicated to this thorny topic, including such matters as technical grounds, power system disturbances, technical power distribution techniques, etc.

I’ve been in broadcasting for 20 years, now, and this is THE book to have, especially for really difficult audio installations, like high power AM radio broadcast studios that are located in the near field of the transmitting antenna (which is now one of my specialties).

lots of good information here:


about sounddesign looking from the creative point of view its nice to see what the school of sound is publishing:


but theres no technical advices at all.

for technical stuff studio standard book is the one from michael dickreiter… … about audio in general.