Looking for Some "Raw" Material

Well this is my first post here, I’m a 20 year old broke college student that used to (and hopefully will again sometime soon) play snare/drumkit, etc. Basically I’m wanting to learn more about recording/mixing/mastering audio. The rub is that up here I have no instruments or recording equipment up here (and no mics or interface period!- going to make some serious money this summer, so hopefully this will change soon). Does anyone know where I can find “raw” files (separate tracks, no processing) to practice mixing? So far the best I can find are some Rush tracks with guitar, bass, and percussion seperated (released for Rockband or some rubbish like that.) However, for one thing, all the percussion instruments are in one track already and everything is heavily processed. In other words, there’s no work to do!

Any suggestions of where I could find some tracks like this? Also if any of you gentlemen who are recording a new project want to donate some tracks that would be highly appreciated! (I’ll be strictly confidential about it or whatever, obviously just for educational use.) I understand if no one’s in the position to provide anything though.

Thanks so much in advance!

Have a look at http://remix.nin.com/ .
They offer free download of multitrack data for their songs. I’ve not tried it yet, but that’s the first thing I’ll do when I get home today :slight_smile:



Think you can find some midi tracks on the web, or use Rosegardens/Hydrogen examples for first tries. Don’t expect to sound like real instruments on first songs, but if you like “chemical” music it’ll be ok. Next you can use QjJackCtrl to patch and record your tracks in Ardour, and add effects and treatments to the sounds. Then you can use Jamin to achieve your mixes.
Have fun with that !


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