Looking for help with logo-stickers (and maybe designs for other stuff for promo)

I really just dig Ardour, and I like to make people know about this awesome DAW.

I have some stickers on my laptop - and would really like to have an Ardour-sticker on there too.

I usually shop @redbubble, since they also ship to Europe. And so I was wondering: Can anybody please make a design with the Ardour-logo (shape cut with a white border, maybe?) that I can stick on everything ?

There are SVG’s in the source code:

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I still have around 100 (vinyl) Stickers sitting around here:

source: http://robin.linuxaudio.org/tmp/ardour_sticker.svg

Where are you based? I could send a couple your way


Are those transparent or with a white BG?

White. I am the north American distributor :slight_smile:

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I’ll have my people talk to your people…

We’re lucky that the Ardour logo is red, because “Red and Black on white vinyl” is a thing that almost every sticker vendor I checked has a special discount for. There are usually 3 options: Black/White, Red/Black/White and full color.

For the US I can recommend https://stickerguy.com/
The current Ardour stickers were made in Berlin: https://www.deinestadtklebt.de/

PS. It would be nice to have some transparent ones, but that requires an outline, which doesn’t always look nice. However most laptop lids are black, so perhaps a black background is an option.

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That’d be awesome! Thanks! - I’m in Denmark - can maybe DM my adress, so we can figure out how I can pay for shipping :slight_smile:

Wait, what is this that I am seeing? Ardour stickers? If at all possible, I would also be extremely happy to buy a few stickers including shipping and other costs.

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