Looking for downloads older versions

Hey there,

I am looking for downloads of older versions of Ardour.

I’m currently working on a project created in Ardour 6.8.270
“After Bach”
(rev 6.8-270-g5e1f2d2)
Intel 64-bit - debug

I’m running it on Apple M1 macOS v12.4

As the project progresses it’s growing a lot and Ardour is getting realy slow. I read somewhere on the forums that the debug versions are heavy on the CPU so I wanted to try it out with a non-debug version of Ardour 6.8 or 6.9

I have tried upgrading the project to Ardour 7 but run into a lot of problems with the tempo mapping and grid lines not showing. So I was hoping to finish this project in Ardour 6.

Can someone help?

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