Looking for command line interface

I’m looking for DAW software that has a command line interface or another way that I can issue commands to the software in a batch instead of having to take hours working with the point and click GUI interface.

I have a band that uses software to perform let’s say 60 tunes. Here is my process:

I write the tune in Sibelius for the notation for the live musicians.
I export a midi file out of Sibelius and input it to a DAW such as FruityLoops.
In Fruity Loops I have to add the VSTs and do some editing of the drum parts and some other mundane stuff.

When a tune changes, I have to update Sibelius AND I have to redo the process I just described. I’d like to be able to write scripts that will do this processing for me.

Does anyone know of a DAW software that has these kind of capabilities? I spend days doing this work.

There are many other similar opportunities to save labor if I had more options to drive the software.



check into ecasound. it will be missing some aspects of what you want, but its the closest thing i can think of unless you get into “languages” like chuck or rtcmix.

note also that its not hard to generate session files for ardour (they are just XML) and that ardour is very controllable via OSC (every menu action can be triggered by OSC, for example). so it would not be so hard to generate a session file and then tell ardour to export it. it not “command line” and its not what people normally mean by “scripting”, but its fairly powerful.

I did a quick review of the ideas in your reply. It sounds very much like what I’m looking for. I’ll need some time to dig deeper.

Thank you.