Looking for a rainstick

I need the sound of a rainstick to make my current project complete, but I’ve had no luck so I’m asking for help.

A sound font would be nice, sfz especially, or a good amsynth patch. Anything, really.

Does anyone have a recommendation?

I’d be tempted to make one, using e.g. a one-meter section of PVC and some grains / legumes of choice. But that’s just me… I’ve got probably a dozen various handmade percussion “instruments” lying around at this point.

Or check out freesound, e.g. this search. I’d forgotten, but you can even do this search inside Ardour:


Remember to drive some screws through the pipe to get the full effect.

My daughter’s preschool used to make these regularly, but with cardboard tubes, roofing nails (4 year olds!) and rice/dried peas/lentils.


That’s a fantastic feature that I had no idea existed, so thank you! Now I just have to learn how to use samples instead of what I was doing…

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