Looking for a decent low latency, low noise, decent quality audio interface for linux at ~$200 or less

I’m looking for an audio interface to use with ardour in linux and I’m currently considering 3 options:

  1. Focusrite saffire le
  2. Presonus Firebox
  3. M-audio delta 1010lt

I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with any of these and can recommend any of them over the others. I’m kind of wary of the m-audio, as it is a pci interface, which I’m afraid could mean more noise compared to the firewire options. Can anyone speak from experience about the latency/noise on these devices?

Daniel Hansen

I can’t speak directly to the Delta 1010LT… but I can speak to the Delta 66 (which has it’s ADC’s on the card) and the Delta 1010 (which has it’s ADC’s on the rack box)…
I never had any noise problems on these. I’m selling my 1010 (not because of any problems though) but I’m in Australia so postage maybe a bit of a killer.

The presonus isn’t officially supported by FFADO but reported to work…I’d keep away until Presonus actually give documents to FFADO.

I’m picking up a Saffire PRO 10 next week (only replacing the Delta 1010 to move to a firewire device as I also have a Mac Powerbook and I want to be able to work on both systems … however will only make a final decision once I have done some thorough testing), so I can give you an answer to how well that works in a couple of weeks.