Logic/Garageband Virtual Drummer

I would love for Ardour to have a virtual Drummer that is as dynamic and easy to use as the Drummer in Garageband/Logic.

I am aware of alternatives like MT Power DrumKit, but it doesn’t let you customize the drums like Logic does and the kit is acoustic and can only be used with certain genres of music. It also doesn’t have the ability to automatically “follow” your tracks.

I also know there are some VSTs out there like EZDrummer and Jamstix, but those tend to be pricey.

How hard would it be to implement something like this in Ardour?

Could it possibly be done with LUA scripting? I have some scripting experience with PHP and Powershell, so I could maybe whip something up.

The Polyphonic Audio to MIDI script will help with the timing of the drums. You can then use the arrow keys to arrange MIDI notes to proper drum pads, and delete others.

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Holy crap! That polyphonic audio to midi script is exactly what I am looking for. All I have to do is when I add the MIDI track, use a drum plugin and it works just like the “follow” feature in Logic Drummer. Absolutely brilliant!!

Here is a video demonstrating the concept discussed in this thread for reference purposes, my apologies in advance for the poor sound quality.

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