Logarithmic detailed waveform view

People, you just made my day with the new logarithmic waveform view … THANKS!

It’s been awhile since I’ve asked on the forum what to do to proper editing delicate sounding takes as lute stuff for instance that barely shows in the usual waveform view,I used to spent hours nudging back and forward regions to make the right paste to correct that single outtatune note or chord …and that was just because I coudn’t see the right place for doing a zero-x crossfade, Paul (or was it Sampo? I don’t quite remember now) told me to normalize the regions which is a non destructive operation but this wouldn’t work because on the same takes I have on a track for instance a very subtle harpishord or lute and a really loud soprano …
I’ve done some editing on digital performer as part of a course I’m following and its vertical track zoom amazed me as it allowed me to easily and fastly find the best crossfade point … this is something I really missed while working in ardour for my own projects.

Well, now that ardour has this “logarithmic” view I don’t miss the vertical zoom anymore, it could be nice to have such a feature though but with the logview I can keep on working without problems. A big THANKS to the good fellow who came up with this view!

Just hope that the 2.0 releases soon get stable enough for my everyday working.