LockDown Sessions EP , my first!

Hello ardour fellows !

Here is my first ever made EP to you :

It is released under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 License

I made it all (composed/arranged/mastered(a 1st try))with ardour 5.12 ,

Using those plugins :frowning:
Synth : ZynFusion Helm Obxd
Effects : TAL Verb2 CALF vintage delay LSP Limitor Stone Phaser

This EP is clearly and no doubtly Jean Michel JARRE inspired, that was my mood during those 6 lockdown weeks : remote work the day, ardour the night :smiley:

I hope you will enjoy listening, your feedback is essential to me, especially due to the fact that it is my first EP, so i need feedbacks about my try @ mastering those 3 tracks together, i hope it is enough cohesive, tell me :wink:

PS : Do you know a website/cloud where I can upload the full EP Bundle to ? ( I want to use a site that is almost near the GNU / FLOSS mind ) ?


PS : Do you know a website/cloud where I can upload the full EP Bundle to ? ( I want to use a site that is almost near the GNU / FLOSS mind ) ?

Dogmazic ?

The songs especially the first one has a Jarre feel to it (I’ve seen Jarre live :slight_smile:)

There is nothing much to say, the EP flows naturally from one song to another and is very enjoyable. It is just very good work through the EP :slight_smile:

I found two of the sound effects a little distracting. The first one was the "laser blaster " effect on part 1, I felt there was too much of it OR it was too loud taking focus off from the melodic things going on at the same time.

The other one was the wind effect going through the end of part 2 to the start of part 3, The effect is ok as a bridge from one part to the other, but I felt it went on too long at the start of part 3 and took the focus off from the change of atmosphere happening at the start of part 3. I felt it might have been better if the effect faded out already at around 10 - 15 seconds into part 3.

These are my first impessions after listening the EP a couple of times.

Overall I enjoyed the EP very much and I think it is very well done (composing, mixing). Good work, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Merci Nico! Thanks for this suggestion @sub26nico , I will create an account there, seems to fit my wishes.

Although being a floss user since near 20 years now (gosh i’m being old :smiley: ),
I’ve been in the “artistic” and subseq licencing for only some month, it seems that we have to know the legal part of those things too and that is not my cup of tea, but I wanted to make things right this time :wink:


Thanks so much for your complete feedback, it is truly appreciated !

The first effect too loud is a mixing mistake for sure,

The wind effect lenght is way long as I wanted it to be, in order to break the dynamics beetween part II and part III as they are very opposites ones, I intended it like a break in mind before the calm part III begin, so I can clean my brain from the part II before enjoying the part III :wink:

Do you think my mixing mistake ruins the mix so far?

The part I is the most “worked on” of the three, it took maybe 4 or 5 more time than the other two, and I felt it may have been better but at one moment, man has to stop those hundred listening and go to achieve the project :slight_smile:

My feedback is just the opinion of one man so take it with a grain of salt :slight_smile: The things I mentioned are minor details and the big picture is fine. I may be too picky because I am also trying to write songs with my friend and minor details are what we often discuss when trying to come up with a structure for a song.

I would think Mediagoblin sites might be good places to look as another suggestion. I haven’t talked to Chris in a long time about it, but long ago I know he planned for it to work for audio as well as everything else.


Hi @Sahaathyva

Great stuff! “itchy riddims”. Great Synth presets and the mixing is very good! I very much am enjoying listening to it while I work. I’m not terribly familiar with Jarre’s work but I like the song arrangements and the hints of reggae here and there.

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you ! Feedback appreciated