Lock up after leaving error message screen

I just tried to open a song I created with 6.9 and got a warning message. I didn’t understand the message so I went to the Ardour page to ask a question about it. After I opened your web page and started to ask my question I went back to Ardour to cut and paste the message. When I went back to an open session with the message displayed it had become a blank session and was locked up totally. It wouldn’t even let me close the session so I had to reboot. Basically the message was complaining I was opening an older version session and said something (I don’t remember exactly) about what to do in the future when I open an older file. Since I didn’t understand exactly what was being asked of me I wanted clarification. I don’t code and can barely write a bash script I might not be the smartest guy to use Ardour. It has made me smile many times and I hope with 7.1 many more.

I do not remember the exact wording, but the message says something to the effect that the project file will be updated to 7.x format, and can no longer be used with Ardour 6.x, but a backup file with the original project name and ending in -6000.ardour will be created, use that file if you want to work on the session with 6.9.

There is a known problem with some sessions that is corrected in current test versions, should be available as 7.2 download sometime in the next few weeks (maybe days?).

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