Lock track heights

(I apologize if this is already possible)
It might be useful to add the ability to be able to lock selected track heights.
For example, say you have specific tracks within a project that you don’t really want to view larger than the minimum height available in Ardour. You could lock them, then if you change the heights of all tracks, they will stay the locked at the smallest height. Tracks you still want visible so you don’t want to hide them.

Would have to think about how to show that specific tracks are locked.
Not something that would be used all the time so wouldn’t want to see lock icons in each track box. Could be as simple as user would know when they see that those tracks heights are not changing that they are locked.

Could work with “groups” as well.
If something like “folder tracks” are ever added could be used with them also, or they might actually serve the same purpose.
In general folder tracks could be tricky because probably would need option for two settings. Only allow folder track height to change when track heights are increased/decreased and other to include the tracks within folder track heights to change as well.

Anyways, not sure if worth adding?
Was just wondering if anyone would find this useful.
Thank You

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