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My usual work with Ardour/Mixbus is editing live recordings. So there’s no Grid and none of the Audio should ever move, once it is in place. But often the regions move a tiny bit when I only intend to select them. Of course, that doesn’t happen in Lock Mode, but then I cannot move anything.

Would it be possible to implement another Lock mode (or an option somewhere) where all audio (and MIDI) is locked but you can still move automation points, region bounds, markers etc. That would be a great improvement for me.

PS: Is it okay to post this here or would you prefer me to open an issue in Mantis?

It will get lost here eventually honestly, but it isn’t a bad idea to start discussion on it here and then post something in Mantis if an idea gets fleshed out especially sometimes.


You could select all (ctrl+a), then Menu > Region > Position > Lock.

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It’s not the same: One, you can’t move region bounds when a region is locked, and two, when you do a split, the two new regions aren’t locked any more.

Here’s the feature request: 0008931: Lock Position of everything Audio - MantisBT
Thanks a lot.

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