Location of new sessions

I often start ardour from the command line to create a new session, e.g.

ardour --new Foo

According to the documentation, the usage of the --new option is

ardour6 --new /path/to/session

So it takes a session path. Therefore I would expect

ardour --new Foo

(session without path) to create the new session in the current directory. Similar to e.g. touch Foo, which touches ./Foo. This was also the behaviour of Ardour5.

Ardour6 always creates the new session in the directory for new sessions as configured in the preferences. I assume this was a deliberate change?

How about --new ./Foo ?

Ardour6 --help prints

-N, --new  <session-name>  Create a new session from the command line

Where you have you seen the mention that this argument it takes a path?

Ardour manual, “Starting Ardour From the Command Line (Linux)”:

To start Ardour with a new, named session, use:

Ardour6 -N /path/to/session

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