Location of all ardour config files

I would like to back up my Ardour system such that if I had to rebuild or go somewhere and create an exact copy of all the changes I had made, it would as easy as copying my save directories over.

So far I have identified three major areas I should be backing up: Sessions, Plug-ins and Config.

Since I know where my sessions live and where I installed my plugs ins, these two are easy.

So my question really pertains to where Ardour keeps all of it’s other config files. This would include things such as changes i made to the appearance, defaults etc… anything SYSTEM related like that as opposed to DATA related.

Via the freenode IRC channel I have been made aware of ~/.config/ardour4. Through the process of backing up this file and resetting my preferences to defaults then restoring ~/.config/ardour4 I am fairly confident that this is all there is.

Can anyone confirm?

I will be scouring the Ardour manual for more clues in the mean time.

Thanks for a great DAW!

Plugins are not considered “Ardour’s data”. The whole point of plugins is that they are usable by more than one application (otherwise, why not just add the functionality to a single DAW).

On Linux, Ardour keeps ALL of its own configuration files in ~/config/ardour<VERSION> with the possible exception of files that are part of the application bundle. If you get Ardour from ardour.org (which is the only version we support), those files will be found in /opt/Ardour-<VERSION>/ and are to be considered part of the application (and thus read-only with any other tools).