Location markers & glue to bars/beats

I’m setting up a session in Ardour 7. I’ve created a bunch of location markers and am now adding time signature changes.

I have it set to glue location markers to bars and beats by default, but when I change the time signature of a bar later location markers don’t move with the bar lines that they were on. I changed a few markers to be not glued and they also didn’t move as the bar lines moved.

For example, I would have expected a location marker at the beginning of bar 10 to move if bar 9 was changed from 15/8 to 14/8 so that it remained on the first beat of bar 10, but this doesn’t happen, whether the marker is glued to bars and beats or not.

What am I missing?

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This is an area that was still evolving when we released 7.0. The whole concept of “glue markers to bars & beats” is almost certainly going away.

I would suggest that you either return to 6.9 for this sort of work, or hold on for 7.2 (7.1 will be out this weekend (roughly speaking) and will not include any changes to this).

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Okay, thanks.

I’ll stick with 7 for this one as the session is for a final recording of a piece so the structure won’t change. It wasn’t too difficult to get all the location markers in the right places after I added in the time signature changes (and in future I’ll do the time first and location markers afterwards). It could be a while by the time I actually start recording, by which time 7.2 will probably be released!

I note what you say about sticking with 6.9 – I’ll definitely do that for sessions already started with version 6 and also any sketching sessions where tempi, time signatures and location markers might change.

When 7.2 comes along, will markers move as expected if earlier bars change tempo or time signature? Presumably that will be easier with the changes to the way time is handled.

Could you elaborate a bit on what this means? This is a feature I like a lot and use regularly.

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