Locate to marker in order of number not timeline

I know that I can command 1-9 (command 1, or command 2 etc) to get to a marker number, but is there a way to move up each number at a time. So where command keypad right or left will move along the time line, I want to move numerically

I hope that makes sense


  • Luke

@eclectic eye: Click on the Support tab above. Scroll down to “Cheat Sheet”. Download the X11 or OS X version as appropriate. Check the section “Moving the Playhead”. I’m telling you this way because if you haven’t seen the cheat sheet, its a great resource to expand your idea of what Ardour can do.

Ok the problem seems to be that my command button doesn’t work… it works with command s for save but not for moving to mark… I checked the keybindings and it is set up for this. indeed when I go to re-enter anything with the command key it ignores that I’m pressing the command key and only inputs the other key…

Macbook pro laptop 4.1
osx 10.6.8

@eclectic eye: i forgot to note that on OS X, all bindings with modifiers + arrow keys are broken in current releases; its been fixed in the source and a new release will be out shortly.

Ok cool, thanks. I appreciate all the hard work.
feeling guilty I haven’t renewed my subscription yet, with all the awesome work and help.
(I currently only have $5 till Tuesday is all…)