Loading Track/Bus Templates

I am using Track/Bus Templates intensively in my mixing workflow. Usually i mix a song with a lot of plugins and inserts and then I save a template for every track in the mix (around 40 trancks). I would want to use this templates in other sessions containing the songs of the same album. To achive this, I create a new track using the templates and move in the recorded material.

I think that would be very usefull and practical to be able to load a track template directly in a track avoiding the need of creating a new one. The right place to put it in the GUI I think is in the same menu of “Save As Template…” in each mixer strip. Of course a confirmation dialog should appear asking the user to load the template and losing current track configuration, just to avoid human mistakes.

For me this is a very ineteresting feature because can improve my productivity and reduce mixing time. How hard could be implement that? As always, Ardour rocks! Thanks to developers for this magnific work.

Altering a track’s configuration based on a template is notably more complex than creating a new template (in programming terms).

Features like this need to be filed at http://tracker.ardour.org/ if they are not to be forgotten.