Loading Old Session Crashes Ardour

I am trying to load a quite old session (2017) in Ardour. It noticed the new version, gave the warning, made the backup of the .ardour file, and crashed. It now crashes with “buffer overflow” every time.

Here is the content of gdb.txt. Any help would be appreciated.

The crash happens when Ardour tries to instantiate Yoshimi - the LV2 plugin(/usr/lib/lv2/yoshimi.lv2/yoshimi_lv2.so).

In Ardour’s recent session dialog pick “Safe Mode: Disable all plugins” (or start ardour from a terminal with the -d option). That should allow you to load the session, and delete the plugin. Then save and reload the session without safe mode.

Can you try if it works with a new session? Load Yoshimi, save session, quit, re-load the test session.

Thanks, Robin! I will try it tonight or tomorrow morning.

OK, so removing yoshimi from the old session worked! I can start it now without trouble (with it removed).

I did it, but there was no problem. Although puzzling, it is probably good news…

Thanks for the help!

OK, after successfully saving and restarting the session, I did some minor changes (it did not recognize the IR.lv2 plugin, for instance, so I added LV2 Convolution Mono instead), did some testing, re-enabled some plugins, and successfully saved, but now I cannot start the seesion again. I get:

Session "/media/music/Recordings/OldNew2 (snapshot 2022-10-15T07.33.50-remix)" did not load successfully:
Cannot initialize session/engine: Invalid or corrupt session state.

---ERROR: Could not set session state from XML
ERROR: Multiple meter definitions found at 639

(The meter has tons of changes through the session…)

Although it seemed clear it was not plugin related, I did try safe-mode again, and got the same error. Any help would be appreciated…

I tried it with version 7, and initially had exactly the same problem.

I then made another copy (with rsync -av) of the original project folder (like I had done before I tried it with version 6.9), and followed the same steps of removing yoshimi and restarting.

This time, I exported the stems (including MIDI – thanks for that!!!), so I could load them into a new project, before quitting, to make sure at least I could start fresh.

I don’t know why, but I was able to load this session again at least three times so far without the error above. I have no idea what was the difference, but it is working, so I am happy.

Thanks again for the support!

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