Loading file from 3.1 in 7.5 fails with no hints to what is wrong

Hi, I’m trying to load an old session in 7.5 and it fails with the message:
Cannot initialize session/engine: Invalid or corrupt session state.
—ERROR: Could not set session state from XML

There is no other information so I have no idea where to start looking for what is wrong.


Can anybody help please?
Please see the file at: Certain Darkness.ardour · GitHub

Thanks for the report. This is a regression in recent Ardour, due to ongoing work. The Problem is the TempoMap. Since your session only has a fixed tempo, you can simply remove it.

The session loads after replacing the four Lines 33198 … 33201 with an empty <TempoMap/>.

You can then change the tempo back to 128BPM using the GUI.

Fixed complete session file: http://robin.linuxaudio.org/tmp/Certain_Darkness.ardour

Change made:

--- Certain_Darkness.ardour	2023-07-16 15:58:53.945755572 +0200
+++ Certain_Darkness.ardour	2023-07-16 16:20:29.380372154 +0200
@@ -33195,10 +33195,7 @@
     <Speaker azimuth="240" elevation="0" distance="1"/>
     <Speaker azimuth="120" elevation="0" distance="1"/>
-  <TempoMap>
-    <Tempo pulse="0.000000" frame="0" beats-per-minute="128.000000" note-type="4.000000" movable="no" active="yes" tempo-type="Constant" lock-style="AudioTime" locked-to-meter="no"/>
-    <Meter pulse="0.000000" bbt="1|1|0" beat="0.000000" note-type="4.000000" frame="0" lock-style="AudioTime" divisions-per-bar="4.000000" movable="no"/>
-  </TempoMap>
+  <TempoMap/>
     <Protocol name="PreSonus FaderPort" active="no"/>
     <Protocol name="Mackie" active="no"/>

That’s amazing, thanks so much Robin - working fine now

Now also fixed in Ardour/git, 7.5.185 (upcoming Ardour 7.6) can load the session again.

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